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About Us

The story behind our beads is nothing short of miraculous. I just have to say that God is good and the beads were all His idea!!

We began the journey to adopt our son, Solomon, in January 2010.  He was waiting for us in Fujian, China.  We knew that we needed to be creative in how we were going to raise the funds to complete the adoption and bring him home.

Our kiddos kept coming up with ideas of things that they could sell to help us raise the funds to bring their brother home. Although their ideas were sweet, we knew they would not sell. We didn't have the heart to tell them though so we began to pray that the Lord would give us an idea of something we could work on as a family. Well, at 4am (why is it always when you are sleeping ;) the Lord woke me (mama) up and laid the beads on my heart. We had been given a HUGE box of magazines for our fundraising garage sale and now we knew exactly what we were suppose to do with them.

Our bead process:
We cut long strips of magazine papershand roll them into beads, hand paint each bead several time, spray each bead, & string each bead. Everyone helps...all the way down to our youngest :)

I pray you enjoy our beads as much as we enjoy making them. May our beads be a reminder of God's faithfulness and a reminder to pray for our sweet son, Solomon, & our family as we wait to bring him home. We hope Solomon's story blesses all!

UPDATE: September 2010...We are HOME with our precious son and he's doing fabulous!! Just wanted to let you know that we will continue to make our Solomon Beads to help pay for his many medical expenses.